Growing & Maintenance:

In spring, apply balanced fertilizer for trees according to package directions. Prune to shape early spring while dormant before new growth emerges. Check soil weekly for moisture. Water thoroughly when dry. Provide adequate water until plant is dormant for the winter. Possible winter protection required as rabbits may eat bark at snowline in winter.

Bonanza Patio Peach

Prunus persica 'Bonanza'

Plant Type: Ornamental Trees
Bright pink flowers for 1-2 weeks in late spring are followed by peachlike fruits in early summer. Fruit has yellow skin with a red blush and matures 3-4 weeks in early summer. A small, patio-sized peach tree with glossy green foliage from spring through fall.

Height: 5-6 Ft
Spread: 5-6 Ft
Spacing: 5-6 Ft
Hardiness Zone: 5-8
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Characteristics & Attributes for Prunus persica 'Bonanza'

Sunlight Requirements

Full Sun (6 or more hours direct sunlight)

Foliage Color


Soil Preferences

Moist, Well-Drained