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Growing & Maintenance:

In spring, apply balanced fertilizer for trees according to package directions. Early spring while dormant, remove crossing branches. Cross pollinate with Santa Rosa or another plum variety for increased fruit production. Check soil weekly for moisture. Water thoroughly when dry. Provide adequate water until tree is dormant for the winter. Possible winter protection required as rabbits may eat bark at snow line in winter. Needs 600-800 chill hours.

Sweet August Sensation Plum

Prunus x 'Sweet August Sensation'

Plant Type: Fruit Trees

The sweetest plums you will ever taste! Large fruit with red to dark purple skin is harvested late season (Late July - August). Easy to grow, high yielding on the 1st year crop, low acid, and perfect to eat either fresh or in recipes. Super Sweet fruit has more sugar than other varieties, giving it a sweeter taste. Very firm, crisp and juicy fruit will hang on tree 21 days after first picking.

Height: 12-15 ft
Spread: 12-15 ft
Spacing: 12-15 ft
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Characteristics & Attributes for Prunus x 'Sweet August Sensation'

Sunlight Requirements

Full Sun (6 or more hours direct sunlight)

Invites Nature

Attracts Bees

Season of Interest (Flowering)


Season of Interest (Foliage)



Zelenka Farms Favorite
Heat Tolerant
Fresh Fruit

Foliage Color


Landscape Function

Focal Point
Foundation Planting
Mass Planting

Soil Preferences

Moist, Well-Drained