Ground Covers

Ground covers are a wonderful opportunity to add interest and functionality to your landscape. Ground covers are beneficial as they will compete with weeds, their low mounding or spreading growth habit will not compete with your field of vision, and they are also a less labor intensive alternative to turf grass. You will find an excellent showcase of the most unique and attractive ground covers in our Forever & Ever Ground Cover Collection.  The collection is designed as solution based categories such as "Walk on Me", "Drought Defiers" and "Erosion Control" so you will be sure to find the most appropriate plants to suit your plant performance needs. To learn more about the Forever & Ever Ground Cover Collection please visit and become a Forever & Ever Plants Fan on Facebook at http://www.facebook/



Select Plant Type:

Angelina Sedum

Sedum rupestre

Big Blue Lily Turf

Liriope muscari

Bishop's Form Stork's Bill

Erodium reichardii

Blue Star Creeper

Isotoma fluviatus

Carpet Collection Sedum

Sedum x

Double Bowles Vinca

Vinca minor

Flurry Mountain Sandwort

Arenaria montana

Golden Moneywort

Lysimachia nummularia

Illumination Vinca

Vinca minor

Jade Rose Hens & Chicks

Sempervivum x

Merlot Vinca

Vinca minor

Mondo Grass

Ophiopogon japonicus

Moss Rose Hens & Chicks

Sempervivum x

Pink Chintz Thyme

Thymus serpyllum

Platt's Black Brass Buttons

Leptinella squalida

Ralph Shugert Vinca

Vinca minor

Red Heart Hens & Chicks

Sempervivum x

Red Rubin Hens & Chicks

Sempervivum x

Rubra Pussytoes

Antennaria dioica

Sea Foam Green Carpet

Herniaria glabra

Variegated Lily Turf

Liriope muscari

Whitley's Speedwell

Veronica whitleyi

Wintercreeper Euonymus

Euonymus fortunei

Yellow Ripple Ivy

Hedera helix