Our Brands

Gardens Alive Farms has been a pioneer in offering branded plant material, and we are proud to be a one stop shop for the brands consumers are looking for. Careful consideration and trialing goes into every branded program we offer, to ensure we are producing and promoting the best, most beneficial plants for our customers.  All programs below provide exciting new plants to consumers, and all have innovative packaging, point-of-purchase materials for retail displays, and consumer advertising designed to build name recognition.   

Drift Roses

The next big thing for small gardens.

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Flower Carpet Roses

One of the most popular ground cover roses available in the world today.  Disease resistant and easy to grow

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Forever & Ever Plants

Simply put, the best plants for the best gardens around! This collection of Hydrangeas, Azaleas, Lilacs and Groundcovers is easy to maintain, provides solutions for the landscape, and are all beautiful additions to every garden.  

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Proven Winners® Perennials

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Proven Winners® Color Choice

Not your grandmother's greenery

Available exclusively from Proven Winners®, ColorChoice® shrubs provide new and experienced gardeners with an unusual palette of color and texture guaranteed to elicit oohs and aahs.  

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Smooth Touch Roses-A Zelenka Farms Exclusive!

The glory of beautiful, fragrant roses can be yours to enjoy without reaching for the first aid kit! These gorgeous roses have been carefully bred by one of the world's finest horticulturists to be virtually thorn-free (95%!).

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Super Sweet Fruit Trees

The Sweetest Fruits you will ever taste! According to the Brix sweetness scale, the fruit from our Super Sweet Fruit Trees line scores twice as high as the standard fruit tree. Plus our fruit has low acidity for the strictest of dietary demands.

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The Knockout Family of Roses

The Knock Out® Family of Roses are easy to grow and do not require special care. They are the most disease resistant rose on the market. market. They have stunning flower power with a generous bloom cycle that will continue until the first hard frost.

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Tropicanna Canna

There is no canna like Tropicanna® canna.

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