Preparing Your Plants for Winter

General Care
-Be sure to provide adequate water until your plants are dormant for the winter

Ornamental Grasses
-Uncut foliage will create winter interest
-Cut foliage back to ground in early spring before new shoots emerge from soil, and remove any fall plant debris
-Foliage can also be cut back in fall

-Foliage will die to ground, but will be replaced by fresh new leaves in spring
-Cut foliage to ground in fall
-In spring, remove any plant debris remaining from last fall
-Butterflybush can remain in landscape until early spring, when it should be cut back to 6-12" above the ground

-In northern areas, after leaves have dropped, place rose cone over dormant rose bush
-Applying 3-4" mulch to base of plant before the ground freezes is recommended

-Do not prune after August 15th
-Adding a layer of mulch may be beneficial in northern areas

-Be sure to push mulch and debris back from tree trunk to prevent rodents from making a home and eating bark for food