Small Fruit and Fruit Tree Pollination Chart

One of the most common topics we are questioned about is cross pollination. Please reference the chart below to help determine whether you need more than one tree or berry bush for succsessful fruit producion.

Apples - Another variety needed, preferably with same bloom time.
Early Bloom (Ex. Granny Smith, Gravenstein, Imperial Gala, Jonagold, Liberty, Lodi, Spartan, Yellow Transparent)
Midseason Bloom (Ex. Arkansas Black, Fireside, Fuji, Gala, Ginger Gold, Honey Crisp, Jonathan, McIntosh, Pink Lady, Summerred, Winesap)
Late Bloom (Ex. Cortland, Haralson, Red Delicious*, Rome, Yellow Delicious*)
*will not pollinate each other
Apricots - No pollinator needed.
Blackberries - No pollinator needed.
Blueberries - Another variety needed.
Boysenberries - No pollinator needed.
Cherries, Sour - No pollinator needed.
Cherries, Sweet - Another variety needed.
Currants - No pollinator needed. Another variety will increase amount of fruit.
Figs - No pollination needed.
Gooseberries - No pollinator needed.
Grapes - No pollinator needed.
Kiwi - Male and female needed for pollination.
Nectarines - No pollinator needed.
Peaches - No pollinator needed.
Pears - Another variety needed.
Pecans - Plant at least 3 varieties together for maximum production.
Plums, Japanese - Another Japanese variety needed. (Ex. Angeleno, AU Roadside, AU Rosa, AU Rubrum, Black Amber, Bruce, Burbank, Methley, Morris, Santa Rosa, Satsuma, Shiro, Superior, Toka)
Prunes, European - No pollinator needed. Another variety will increase amount of fruit. (Ex. Blue Damson, Green Gage, Italian, Mt. Royal, Ozark Premier, Ruby Sweet, Stanley)
Raspberries - No pollinator needed.