Super Sweet Fruit Trees

Super Sweet Fruit Trees produce the Sweetest Fruits you will Ever Taste! According to the Brix Sweetness Scale, the fruit from our Super Sweet Fruit Trees line scores twice as high as your standard fruit tree. Plus, our fruit has low acidity for the strictest of dietary needs. Varieties available include

  • Golden Sweet Apricot
  • Sweet Sherry Cherry
  • Sweet Pearl Nectarine
  • Sweet Surprise Nectarine
  • Western Pride Nectarine
  • Diamond Princess Peach
  • Sugar Princess Peach
  • White Princess Peach
  • Candy Rosa Plum
  • Sweet August Sensation Plum
  • Sunshine Plum

Planting Instructions:

1. Dig a hole three times the width and the same depth as the root ball
2. Lift your tree out of the pot by the roots-not the trunk, place in the center of the hole
3. Fill the hole about 1/3 full and gently but firmly pack soil around the root ball
4. Water, then fill hole with soil completely
5. Water once again, and do not apply fertilizer until the 2nd growing season
6. Apply 2-4” of mulch at the tree base in a 3-foot circle, keep the mulch away from the trunk


You are what you eat...don't you want to be Super Sweet?